The Regulatory Council

The Regulatory Council

is the body responsible for controlling the whole production process of the Quesos de La Serena, from the sheep in the fields to the pieces that leave the cheese production plant to be sold all over the world.

A technical team controls, certifies and guarantees that each piece of cheese that reaches the market has undergone strict controls that guarantee the origin of the raw milk from Merino sheep, their hygienic-sanitary conditions and its manufacture by a unique farmhouse production system. The result is pieces of exceptional quality that enjoy recognized international prestige.

Composition of the Regulatory Council


  • Eduardo  Corchero Madruga.

Vice presidentt:

  • Mario Mera Gómez-Bravo.


  • Luis Donoso  Pozo.


  • Diego Morillo Fernández

  • Luciano Fernández Morillo.

  • Manuel Sánchez Hidalgo

  • Marcelino Real Ibáñez

  • José Manuel Guerra Espada

  • Tomás Calderón Sánchez

Technical Vocal:

  • Juan José Ferrero García