A unique and full-flavoured product

Truly exquisite

This is such an exquisite product that 15 sheep must be raised to produce one kilogram of Queso de La Serena, as this breed only produces 0.350 litres of milk a day. Merino sheep’s milk has a minimum content of 5% proteins and 7% fat.

Fire branded

In order to prevent imitations and give it a distinguishing feature each piece of Queso de la Serena is identified on the bottom by a stamp “fire branded”. This food stamp represents the logo of the Protected Denomination of Origin and is only given to pieces that have passed the regulatory board’s controls.

This stamp, together with the numbered label of the regulatory board, guarantees consumers that the product is an authentic Queso de la Serena.


The cheeses that have a hard or semi-hard consistency are called quesos while those that are soft or semi-soft are called tortas. Until quite recently cheese makers considered those pieces that cracked, presenting a misshapen appearance, “damaged” and poured away part of their contents. But work has been carried out that means that today the Cheeses of la Serena have a better, more uniform appearance, without losing the essence of their distinct flavour, which has caused them to be recognised as an exclusive product by those with the most discerning palate.